Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Converting Saved Data

Question: When I save a box or pallet file in inches, why does it open in millimeters when I load it into Quick Pallet Maker?

Answer: The dimensions in the saved box or pallet files will be converted automatically to the units in which you are working currently. For example, if you are working in millimeters, Quick Pallet Maker will multiply the lengths by 25.4 and divide the weight by 2.205 to convert to mm and kg, respectively. If you want to work with inches, then you can change the work units through the Tools menu (when you are starting from box dimensions to create pallets) or by changing the default dimensions in the Preferences/Settings window. Under Windows OS, the Settings window can be opened from the Tools menu. Under Mac OSX, the Preferences window is opened from the Apple menu.

Difference Between Demo And Purchased App

Question: Are there any calculation differences between the 30-Day Demo and the purchased application?

Answer: No. There are no differences between the results generated by the Demo and those generated by the licensed application. The differences are that the Demo can only run for 30 days, does not save files and shows a big "Demo" sign in all of the open drawings.

Saving Data From Start From Box

Question: Why when I save the input data when starting from box dimensions and then open the data, a new window appears but starting from Primary Package dimensions?

Answer: You first need to open a new window starting from Box Dimensions (using the "New Document" command from the File menu) and then load the data.

Question: How come when I load the saved data, the boxes don't appear in the list?

Answer: The boxes need to be saved separately from the rest of the settings. You can do this by selecting the box and then choosing "Export Box... File (XML)" from the File menu.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Forum Has Been Replaced

Merry Christmas for those that celebrate it and Happy Holidays for the rest. We have changed the previous Software Forum to this Frequently Asked Questions blog. It makes a lot more sense to have this blog because it is easy to update on a daily basis and because our previous forum was hacked twice.


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