Sunday, January 01, 2006

Quick Pallet Maker Won't Print

Question: When I try to print a pallet, Quick Pallet Maker takes me to the second tab of the detailed report and does nothing.

Answer: This happens when are trying to print from the Results or Available Solutions window (the one with the long list of pallets at the bottom) and the page orientation in the Page Setup is "Portrait" instead of "Landscape". In this case, QPM takes you to the second tab of the Detailed Report from which you can print the pallet report through your web browser. If you had selected "Landscape" in the Page Setup, you could have printed from the Results window through the first tab of the Detailed Report.

The demo version used to print the container details table as well as the graphic. I have now purchased the program and the printout does not show these details. Am I doing something wrong?
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Quick Pallet Maker version 4.3.3 will print the container information alongside the graphic. Somewhere between updates this functionality came and went away. It's been back for a while.

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